Has Covid been used as a power grab?

It is about ten months ago (I write this 14th Jan 2021) we first was introduced on the news about covid.

One suspects we would today have not heard about the virus, and put deaths down to normal flu. Indeed this time of year we will often hear hospitals full of those with flu.

The difference seems to be that we have such as Twitter, where people started to spread fear stories. We were shown films from China where people seemed to walk along fine then all of sudden drop dead in the streets. It is presumed these were actors and these were public health films. In the same way as both UK and USA have put out scary public health films, such as drugs killing people.

We then had many who one suspects were on the left, stating the UK Tory government is killing people as they were doing nothing.

Then other countries went into lockdowns.

One suspects that if your experts tell you we are all going to die, and even though one suspects this not to be the case, that one has no option to lockdown as you end up with people taking you to court when a relative dies.

So the UK went into lockdown.

From the start we were told unless you are over 70 with health problems, then you would be fine. However people believed and still believe that if your young and heathy then you may die. And indeed they tell each other this on Twitter. The result is people live in fear and even were face masks when alone in cars.

We were then told to wear face masks in public. One presumed these would be medical grade (N95), however it came to be any old rubbish was fine to wear, even though most would do very little, and many simply do not fit the person wearing them.

Businesses were forced to close. Most will not open again as the owners will have run out of cash. Some will not cope with the debt they get into and may even take there own lives. As unemployment increases, it will lead to more unemployment. This will create more despair, and the result will be people who are unemployed taking drugs, depression, overeating, booze and in some cases taking there lives.

It is likely children of today will end up living in fear and having mental health problems as they fear going outside.

We know people lock into a life of fear, as we can how many in the UK will bleach everything, and have done for years, in the belief this is heathy. The result is often there children have health problems from not being exposed to germs. Asthma being an example.

Many too will die from not getting hospital treatment, as people are being told not to go to hospitals. we have seen many already die from not getting cancer treatment.

We are then told that you are a fool, if you do not play along with these games of running around with non medical grade masks as people will die. One suspects those who are dying from covid, are very elderly and have health problems, who would have died anyway. One must note that dying with covid is not the same as from covid.

One wonders why people who tell us we are stupid, seem to not care that children and adults are killing themselves as they cannot cope with the lockdown.

One also wonders why those who enjoy the lockdown seem to enjoy seeing elderly cry as they cannot see family. And smugly tell them it is for there own good, as some clearly will die from sadness.

It is strange how some feel they should tell the elderly how they choose to live there last few years. As many elderly clearly would rather risk the covid and be with family and friends and to go on holidays and days out, rather than to die locked in there home prisoned.

One fails to see how forcing the elderly to be prisoned is for there own good, and how this could be even legal.

In recent months, some reports have concluded that the real risk of getting covid s going in hospital.

One also wonders about the logic of covid rules. One fails to see what harm student dancing together will do when they will be only mixing with each other. Indeed, how many healthy students have died, one suspects very few if any.

One must note that when we hear someone has died yet has had no underline health conditions, this does not mean the person was healthy. In the same way a football player goes for a run then drops dead, because they had an unknown heart problem. It is possible that those who have died from covid with no health problems, were all with some heath problems.

This leads me on to this being used as a power grab.

The codvid situation seems to be now used as a way to gain power, by removing the rights of people.

Many on the left seem to be loving laying down rules and spying on friends and reporting them to the police.

Is this a surprise when we know that the Nazi party was socialist. So should one be surprised when those on the left do what the Nazi's would do, and that is to report people.

Nazi and communist's are basically the same. They are a product, simply marketed in a different way. Communism (such as USSR) was marketed towards the working class, while Nazi, was marketed towards a middle class in Germany.

Both sell the ideology in the same way, by stating there is an enemy to hate and that has coursed all the problems. In Germany they used Jews, in the UK we are told today it is the wealthy. Indeed the Labor party even had (or still does) have the line "for the many not the few". The left in the UK are told to hate anyone who does not follow the left wing beliefs. Some MP's will even say they will not talk to someone who is a conservative.

One must note that many on the left will post on twitter they are anti fascists', while at the same time boast how they have got someone banned from twitter as they did not believe the same as them. However they will declare they are not fascists' doing this, but do it out of kindness.

We also see the left wing wear full black combat gear in both the UK and USA and force people to comply with beliefs, and should they not, they post details online and contact there work. We even see them doing a modern day Hitler salute by holding a fist in the air, and by taking the knee. We have seen similar tactics by both Nazi and communist's over many years.

We have also seen the old Nazi and communist's propaganda of clapping to the NHS each week. And if you did not your left wing neighbors' would post on facebook that you failed to comply. again Nazi and communist's had people doing similar actions.

The police have jumped on the situation by excessively using there power to control people. They now ask you what you are up to and where you are going (as they did in Nazi and communist's countries). They wish you to report people for going for walks (as they did in Nazi and communist's countries). They are wanting powers to enter your home without the need of a warrant (as they did in Nazi and communist's countries). It is rather odd that for years police would not bother to come to you if you were being burgled, or indeed selling drugs, yet will come full force if you have a friend at your home. The UK is almost now a police state.

Covid has given many powers, that they did not have not so long ago.

Will they wish to end such powers? Not a chance.

In ten years one suspects they will keep these powers and we will be told it is for our own good.

Indeed many on the left are saying we should be happy we have lost our rights and we are fools to say differently.

At some point, death rates will drop. Simply because those who are unhealthy and would die from it, will have got covid and have died. It is unlikely this can be prevented. Indeed we were told the lockdown is to slow covid and not get rid of covid. And so those who are left, are unlikely to die from covid.

Covid will probably remain around. Indeed on the radio it stated Spanish flu has never gone away. So each year we may find some as they get elderly will die from covid, as they may from the flu.

The question will be, will covid be used as an excuse for years to come to remove more and more rights claiming it is for our benefit. Indeed many will be more than happy to loose there rights as they will be living in a fake fear.