I am posting this, as someone on twitter posted claiming that if you get this virus, you will have 'permanent organ damage'. I asked for a link to this, and I got the usual 'look it up' that you get when people make up facts in there head.

I presumed that he would have a link that stated if you are healthy, you will still get organ damage.

So after a while of excuses why he (or she) could not post any links, I had a look myself.

A BBC post (dated 14th March 2020) states that 'It is estimated around 6% of cases become critically ill'. [LINK].

By this point the body is starting to fail and there is a real chance of death.

The problem is the immune system is now spiralling out of control and causing damage throughout the body.

It can lead to septic shock when the blood pressure drops to dangerously low levels and organs stop working properly or fail completely.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by widespread inflammation in the lungs stops the body getting enough oxygen it needs to survive. It can stop the kidneys from cleaning the blood and damage the lining of your intestines.

"The virus sets up such a huge degree of inflammation that you succumb... it becomes multi-organ failure," Dr Bharat Pankhania said.

So clearly this sounds like it affects those who have health problems, or in the very few cases where people are healthy but get a high viral load [LINK].

This consent posting scare stories, that are not true, is feeding fear into people, making them think that even though they are healthy and under 60, they will die. Many may have in fact have had the virus and not known.