Who is dying from covid?

One of the most important questions is and has been, who is in truth dying from covid.

The media seems to not be reporting the facts, but propaganda.

An example is that often we are told how many people have been infected with covid, rather than deaths, as clearly these numbers are high, and sound scary. People clearly hear infected numbers and translate that to deaths. Yet the real deaths are far lower.

Then the situation is, have people died with, or from covid.

How many people were tested for covid who died, and how many had an autopsy to identify the real course of death.

We then have who is dying from covid.

I did a blog post April 2020:

Coronavirus: NHS figures show 92% of coronavirus victims in England are over 60 - while only FIVE under-20s have died from the killer infection.

NHS figures show 92% of coronavirus victims in England are over 60 - while only FIVE under-20s have died from the killer infection [LINK].

There are several reasons why older people have trouble fighting off the virus.

The likelihood of having chronic conditions increases markedly as people age, with four out of five over-65s living with at least one underlying health condition.

Elderly people also have weaker immune systems, a natural side-effect of the body ageing. This makes them more vulnerable to serious infections of all types.

Only five people aged under 20 years old have died of the coronavirus in the UK, including 13-year-old Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab and Italian-born Luca Di Nicola, 19, both of whom were not believed to have any pre-existing health concerns.

Also do not be confused when you hear people of dying with 'no underlying symptoms', as people hear this and presume someone has died who is healthy.

Thomas House, a reader in mathematical statistics at University of Manchester, said it was important to remember that an underlying condition not being recorded at the time of death did not necessarily mean that the individual did not have an underlying health problem, for example where someone had not previously been diagnosed with a chronic condition

It still seems that those who are dying from covid are over 80 with health problems.

A lady on twitter today posted that her 89 year old mum died of covid, and that she would have lived many more years if she had not got covid. People seem to now believe no one dies. It is possible she would have died anyway.

The problem with the lockdown is that trying to save extremely old and unhealthy people (and possibly not saving a single life) we are putting others at risk.

Coronavirus: Britain's coronavirus crisis could result in 18,000 more people dying of cancer in next year while NHS faces backlog that could last 'many years' after two million operations were cancelled

Britain's coronavirus crisis could result in 18,000 more people dying of cancer in next year while NHS faces backlog that could last 'many years' after two million operations were cancelled [LINK]

The coronavirus crisis in the UK could result in 18,000 more cancer deaths in the next year and a further 2million general NHS operations have also been axed, it was revealed today.

Cancer treatment has been put on hold to make room for thousands of patients who are hospitalized with the killer virus while urgent GP referrals for diagnoses have dropped as experts fear people are not coming forward with cancer symptoms.

The number of deaths in newly diagnosed cancer cases is predicted to rise by a fifth in England alone as a result.

Experts have warned indirect deaths from the pandemic - due to cancer, heart attack, mental health and more - will exceed that of the virus itself, which has killed at least 21,000 in the UK so far.

We are also bringing up children to now fear going outside. How many will end up with mental health problems, and how many may end up on drugs or become alcoholics, or even take there own lives?

How many people will become unemployed, and end up depressed and self medicate on junk food, drugs and alcohol.

How many people will loose everything as there business goes bust. Once well off, may find they are forced to sell there home in order to pay the debts. How many will simply give up on life knowing that the years at university to get a degree and the years and time it has taken to build up a business, now all gone. With the added insult of debt collectors demanding money. One suspects many will simply swallow a tub of pills and have done with it.

London Ambulance Service revealed that it is now attending an average of 37 suicides a day [LINK].

One wonders how many in total in the UK are dead from suicides each day.

For those who want the lockdown, such as the smug left wing people who I meet, I hope you can live with these deaths.

Yet to question the lockdown, and if it is worth killing the UK economy, you are identified as some nut job.

Yet if you post any nonsense on twitter (pure lies), about covid and claim it will kill you, even if you are young and heathy, such rubbish is allowed.

We seem to be in a state of madness. It is a bit like the king with no clothes, were people can see the truth, but no one wants to speak out in case they are seen as stupid.

But then again, how many now live in fear?

I still see young healthy people walk past me outside, who will jump into a bush to avoid me, as they fear coming close will kill them. And as you pass they look at you as if to say, 'are you not going to thank me for doing this great act?'. While in fact I think they look like morons.

In truth, I do not believe the lockdown has saved many lives, yet it seems to be damaging millions of lives in the UK.

The elderly who we claim we are trying to save, we seem to have simply made there final lives pure hell by forcing them into a prison.

While we seem to have successfully destroyed the lives of most children and adults in the UK.

With a population far too scared to ever go out, and most shops going bust, I fail to see how the economy will ever recover.

And why would anyone ever want to set a business up ever again, knowing at anytime it can be shut down.

And this virus may never go away, we may end up with new strains each year. So should we simply get used to a lockdown for ever?

And other viruses will also come along.

As time goes on, it is likely that most people in the UK will know someone who will take there life.

One also suspects with a crashed economy, we will have not tax money to pay for such as the NHS, and perhaps within a few years, the NHS will be no more than a memory.

And if countries do end up with high unemployment, it will give way to the possibility of extreme political parties in many countries. Nazi and Socialist's parties are the same product, just marketed differently. As most government's seem rather left wing at the moment, in most countries the left wing will be blamed for the lockdown, giving rise to more Nazi flavor's, rather than Socialist's flavor's. In truth it does not matter as the results are the same. You end up with people who are only after power and will remove your rights, and claim it is for your benefit.

It is also worth noting that today how many will claim to be anti fascists, and yet will boast how they have had people banned on twitter, contacted there work, demanded firms comply or face a backlash. It is often my observation that those who claim to be anti fascists tend to act as fascists and believe themselves superior to others. Yet believe they are not fascists as they are middle class and call themselves left wing.

One suspects that it no longer matters if we end the lockdown, as the damage to peoples health and the economy, may now be far too damaged.

It will e when the lockdown ends, and when the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) ends, then I fear we will see the reality. And for those who thought 2020 was bad, one suspects 2020 will end up looking like a great year, next to what will come.