I understand that a lot of people who tend to be middle class and probably left wing are loving the virus and the lockdown, as they find it fun to see elderly people sit crying, because they are not seeing family members and may die from loneliness.

I also understand these middle class often left wing people love the lockdown as they love to see business fail, and people loose jobs and homes and many will kill themselves are turn to drink. It clearly gives such people great pleasure seeing others suffer.

I presume this must be the case as I fail to see why anyone would want a lockdown if it is not to see others suffer.

Plus I see many middle class people who seem to be getting some sexual delight over wearing masks that are not medical grade (such as N95 grade). Most if not all these makes people are wearing in shops are not medical grade, and probably do rather little in virus spread and simply makes people look like they are wearing five year olds knickers on there face.

However, can people stop posting rubbish about the virus in order to scare people.

I will use the BBC website for a few facts.

Coronavirus: What it does to the body

For most, the disease is mild, but some people die.

This is all most people will experience.

Covid-19 is a mild infection for eight out of 10 people who get it and the core symptoms are a fever and a cough.

Body aches, sore throat and a headache are all possible, but not guaranteed.

The fever, and generally feeling grotty, is a result of your immune system responding to the infection. It has recognised the virus as a hostile invader and signals to the rest of the body something is wrong by releasing chemicals called cytokines.

Coronavirus: Are women and children less affected?

It looked at 44,000 people and showed 2.8% of infected men died, compared with 1.7% of women.

And 0.2% of children and teenagers died compared with nearly 15% of people over the age of 80.

Why are older people dying? This is a combination of two things - a weaker immune system in the first place and a body less able to cope.

We know our immune system gets weaker with age.

"The quality of the antibodies you produce when you're 70 is a lot worse than when you're 20," says Prof Hunter.

Data shows the average age of death from coronavirus is 82.4 years

Since the start of the pandemic, it had been clear that the virus is most dangerous for the very elderly.

Statisticians favour using the median average figure, as the Mail has used here. But the mean average numbers tell the same story, giving an average age of death from Covid-19 at 80.9 years, and from all other causes at 78.7 years.